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Bathroom/Shower -Doors

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Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers – bathroom fitting

Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers Services offer expert bathroom fitting services, including shower, bath and spa fitting. We can do small jobs to major bathroom renovation projects. Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers can provide you with an unequalled level of service and expertise, including tiling, plastering, flooring and electrical.

Full Bathroom Renovations

We specialize in full bathroom renovations and will project manage your bathroom from start to finish. This will include the design and help with sourcing the correct materials and products, plumbing, plastering, electrics, tiling and flooring. We are happy to supply materials and can offer great discounts on most products.

Full Wet room Conversions

Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers are expert on bathroom to wet room conversions and as full bathroom renovations we will manage the whole process from start to finish.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is waterproofed or tanked bathroom which includes a shower area. It is normally athe the same level of the floor.

Where does the water go to?

The water flows away through a flush drain within a shower area. In other words, it’s an open plan and thus removes the need for an enclosure or a walk in shower. Some people prefer to install a glass door to prevent splashing water from splashing outside the shower, As the floor of the showering area is completely level with the rest of the room, wet rooms are ideal for those with mobility issues who are able to move effortlessly in and out of walk in showers. A wet room is a great way of utilizing space effectively and can be installed on both the ground and upper floors of your home, whether the floor is of timber or concrete construction. It requires less maintenance and cleaning than a usual bathroom thanks to the greater area reached by the shower water, and this makes a wet room a hygienic option and suitable for all of the family.

Benefits of a wet room?

100% watertight

A wet room installation from Wet rooms Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers means you can be guaranteed a 100% watertight wet room –

  • Maximise your space at home

They create the illusion of space in even the smallest of bathrooms.

  • Installation can be anywhere

Wet rooms in loft conversions are fast becoming a popular choice for families looking to extend their living space.  Wet rooms can be fitted throughout the house on timber or concrete floors, using the appropriate floor formers and drainage systems depending on the floor build up. Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers will ensure that any wet room ensuring any watertight.

  • Flexible designs

Wet Rooms are not only versatile, but offers complete design flexibility at a cost effective price point by using the innovative Modular Wet-Floor system

  • Hygienic

Maintenance and cleaning are easier than a traditional bathroom. The clean, minimal lines of a wet room, leaves you with more time to enjoy your shower.

  • Adds value to your home

Real Estate, suggests that adding a new bathroom to your home will add an extra 2.88% to the value of it. A wet room is likely to add even more.

Bath Screens (Fit a Bath Screen)

Montanna Drain Ratz Plumbers are experts at installing bath screens.

Gone are the traditional curtains and in are the shower screens. Bath screens are a modern and effective alternative to the traditional shower curtain. Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers normally install bath screens when there really is no space for a shower or a wet room. A bath screen is when a shower is fitted over a bathtub

Montanna Drain Ratz Plumbers can offer you an efficient service at great value for money and prices. We not only guarantee our work but we offer a same day or a next day availability.

We charge ‘by time’ to install a bath screen as not all situation are the same. The plumber will first assess the situation and give you a quot. On acceptance of the quote and an upfront deposit payment of 70%, the plumber will continue.

Shower Doors

Drain Ratz Montana Plumbers are experts at installing shower enclosures. We replace existing shower doors as well as new installations.

Montanna Drain Ratz Plumbers can install:

  • Aluminium Shower doors
  • Return Panels
  • Custom Made Shower Doors
  • Shower Combos
  • Shower flex
  • Frameless shower Doors
  • Shower trays
  • Shower traps





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Considering a Bathroom Idea? – Talk to us

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A bathroom can and will add value to your home! let the Drain Ratz & Builders show you how!

One can say that a Bathroom idea is a figment of ones own creation and inner ability to create something beautiful. The bathroom especially the master bathroom should always leave you with a feeling of inner peace. It should reflect tranquility, luxury and space. It should be your private space where you can de-stress your mind from a hard day’s work. It should be your Zen place. A place where body, mind and soul can be rejuvenated. Ad mentioned before a bathroom can add immense value to any home.  There are may styles that one can choose from.

Let us look at a few Bathroom ideas and styles to consider.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on the master bathroom idea.

      A. Style:

  1. Modern classic bathroom idea design: This style seems to be the trend for the 2016’s. It is a combination of geometric shapes, patterns. High quality materials and wood décor but with a simplistic and clean feeling. A less is more approach is very essential with this design.
  2. The never outdated Victorian bathroom idea design creates a romantic and pampered feeling.
  3. The contemporary bathroom idea design: strong bold lines that divines form and energy. Accessorizing plays a major role in this type of style.

      B: A few ways to enhance your bathroom.

  1. Smaller bathrooms: enhance with a Japanese tub. These tubs are normally fuller and creates space.
  2. Wall to wall windows creates more space with.
  3. A walk in dual shower in a master bathroom with a beautiful rainfall shower head creates an illusion of luxury.
  4. Free standing bath or baths with clawed feet creates a feeling of relaxation and luxury.
  5. Replacing a wall with a sliding door to outside creates a romantic feeling of nature and the outdoors.
  6. Huge wall to wall mirrors creates and illusion of space.
  7. Chandeliers in a bathroom is becoming a rapid trend as it creates a feeling of luxury

Drain Ratz Plumbers & Builders can assist in building your master bathroom. All you have to do is research your bathroom design idea well. Decide on a style and features of your bathroom. Give us a call and together we can assist in creating your Zen bathroom.


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Plumbers Centurion

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Plumbers Centurion – Drain Ratz:

Plumbers Centurion are really very hard working plumbers. Sometimes servicing the community day and night. Drain Ratz Plumbers Centurion are very dedicated to their tasks at hand.Drain Ratz Plumbers Centurion are often called out at the wee hours of the night. Centurion is a constantly developing area and is difficult to keep track of all new development to extend services to. Drain Ratz Plumber Centurion has being monitoring the top 3 plumbing concerns in the Centurion Areas. Drain Ratz Centurion Plumbers has identified geysers to be the no 1 plumbing concern call out after hours.The 2nd service that tops the charts are French drain & septic tank failures. Leaks and burst pipes are the the 3rd most common plumbing problem in the Centurion Areas.

Drain Ratz Plumbers Centurion have many curve balls thrown at them. Drain Ratz Plumbers Centurion is constantly dealing with an ever demanding community. Excellent services are required from any Plumber working in Centurion. This demand of service excellence keeps our Plumber Centurion on their feet. Guess work is not tolerated in this area of Centurion. Centurion residents demands prompt efficient, plumbing services.Plumbing Centurion areas makes for a rather challenging profession.

What makes this area such a challenge to any Plumber in Centurion?

The Centurion area is a real challenge for construction. Two distinct reasons are fundamental in this role.

  • Dolomite: In laymen terms – Dolomite is a rock formation underground. The band of Dolomite is part and parcel of a broad swathe of dolomite bedrock. This bedrock surround the entire Johannesburg’s Granite Dome. Dolomite is an easily triggered by the underground changes of the earth’s water table. This results in sinkholes. One can never be really safe in the Centurion Area whilst construction occurs. Sinkhole effect can occur at any instance.  Drain Ratz Centurion Plumbers has encountered few major concerns with Dolomite especially with french drain & septic tank installations.
  • Sinkholes: The overlaying sediment in the Dolomite formation can lead to sinkholes because the cavities on Dolomite rock is very loose. The danger of sinkholes is that they can form suddenly. Geologist cannot really predict at what point a sinkhole may occur. Sometimes sinkholes can occur over time. Sinkholes are mostly the reason why there is a change in the underground water regime. Besides sinkholes, humans play a large part in the encouragement of sinkholes. Borehole erection, replacement of new pipework, excavation processes for French drains etc. All play a vital role in the encouragement of sinkholes.

Plumbing in Centurion for Drain Ratz Plumbers has become an easy task. Backed with our geological knowledge of the Centurion area as well as our excellent plumbing expertise, Drain Ratz Plumbing is equipped to handle all your Centurion Plumber problems. Our Plumbing in Centurion services are as follows but are not restricted to:

 Areas in Centurion currently servicing:

The Centurion Area is a fast growing area. Drain Ratz Centurion Plumbers covers these following areas:

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Repair Leaking pipes

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Repair leaking pipes for Dummies

On the rare occasion when an Emergency Plumber cannot assist you immediately, you have to try at least to repair the water leak until professional help is available. Huge municipal water accounts are mostly due to leaking pipes or tap or even underground leaks.  There are a few basic steps that you can take until an emergency plumber is available. If you cannot get a pipe wrap immediately, do it the old fashion way. In the meantime use some Pipe Wrap.  Pipe wrap is a type of fibreglass that is glazed with resin. This pipe wrap will stick and repair a leak in a flash.  It sticks to PVC, concrete, all metal pipes as well as fibreglass.If you cannot get a pipe wrap immediately, repair your leak the old fashion way.

Tools needed:

  • Piece of rubber
  • Clamp or cable tie
  • Epoxy glue
  • Putty knife


  • Look for the shut of valve. In the previous write-ups we have shown you where to find the shut off valves. IF it is a tap, look at the lever on the side. If it’s a outside leak, shut off the shut off valve by the water meter. By doing this, you will shut off the entire water supply to your home. Sometimes shut of valves are found in the basements of homes, so be prudent to look properly.
  • There should still be water in the pipes so be sure to turn of the faucets so that you can drain the rest of the water that is in the pipe. Give the pipe a wipe down to remove any sweat or water residue.
  • Once this step is done and pipe is dry on the outside: Find a piece of rubber, epoxy glue, a clamp or a few cable ties.
  • For most woman, a butter knife works wonders. Or if you do have a putty knife, spread some epoxy glue on the pipe
  • Patch the leak with the piece of rubber that you found and clamp or cable tie very securely.
  • If you still not happy with your patchwork, you can use water proof tape to cover your repair. This will be give it that extra protection that you need.
  • Repair leaking pipes should be tested. Turn on the shut off valve and watch for any leaks when the water is turned back on.

There you are: Now you can call Drain Ratz Plumbers for a more permanent repair. If you are a hands on person and you can handle plumbing tools, here is your recipe to repair leaking pipes.

Tools needed:

  • Metal cutting saw
  • Tape measure
  • Solder – if copper pipe
  • Flux – if copper pipe
  • Gas burner – if copper pipe
  • Fitting like a clamp or Kimberley sockets or slip sockets– depending on the pipe and where it is.
  • Coupling
  • Union piece or slip socket- if not copper
  • Piece of pipe. Depend on the type of pipe. Is it poly cop or galvanized. What size is the pipe? Is it 110 or 50mm etc. 


  • Look for the shut off valve once again and shut off the water supply to the house.
  • Cut the pipe that has been damaged. Recommendation: old galvanized pipes normally have to be cut off completely at least 1m on each side of the leak to ensure that the galvanized pipe is completely repaired. Using small pieces of pipe to repair leaking pipes, (galvanized pipes) can sometimes not work especially for underground. Galvanized pipes are older pipes and can be easily effected by rust.
  • Next step would be to measure the pipe that needs replacement. Some hardware stores will not allow you to purchase just a piece of pipe but rather the entire length. Most pipe lengths will come in 6m or 5.5m .
  • Cut the infecting leaking piece of pipe on both ends with a metal cutting saw.
  • Polishing down the ends of the remaining pipe will allow for an easy fitment as well as a neat finish.
  • Solder the new piece of pipe by using your gas burner, flux and solder wire if it is a copper pipe.
  • If not copper pipe, then your union piece or slip socket will aid in joining the 2 pieces.
  • Tighten the coupling of the joining piece.
  • Once you have the coupling on, secure it for any leaks.
  • Repair leaking pipes must be tested. Turn on the shut off valve.

Repair leaking pipes can be very tricky yet very simple if you have the right tools for the job. Drain Ratz Plumbers have qualified plumbers and Builders that will assist you. Repair leaking pipes does not have to be a train smash!








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Pumping septic tank – what is the time frame?

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Pumping septic tank out- How often must it be done 

This is a question where one normally gets very contradictory answers. Our building regulations has a mandatory frequency for emptying.  Septic tank pumping out should be  done at least once a year to help maintain your drain field/French drain. Other persons believe that you should only suck out your septic tank at least 2 to 2 ½ years. Some people never ever suck out their tank. To maintain the lifespan of your drain field/French drain it is imperative for you to maintain your tank at least once a year.

The questions arises. What if my septic tank’s working capacity is larger than the guy next doors? What if my septic tank is newer than the guy next doors? What if my septic tank is connected on a dual pipe system? All these questions and contradictory answers.

Drain Ratz Sewerage department will ask that you do the following recommendation. The following factors will aid in the longevity of your drain field/french drain

Check your volumes of water and solids. Check the type of cleaning agents/products being used. Solid wastes also play an important part in the breaking down processes in the septic tank. Do not throw tampons, cotton wool, cotton buds, and cloth down the drain. Check how many utilities is running on a daily basis. Should you have this problem then you should be pumping septic tank out immediately.

Pumping septic tank out  consider the following:

Also note that when you install a new septic tank the plumbers will carry out a number of percolation test to determine if there is any significant water table in the superficial deposits that the tank will sit in.

Bacteria plays and important part in the workings of a septic tank and you can on a new installation of a septic tank, add a septic tank start up pack. Some people swear by putting a dead chicken or adding fertilizers in the tank to boost the bacteria in the septic tank. This is not necessary. A good working septic tank should be able to produce its own bacteria. Warmer tanks produces better bacteria than tanks that are installed deeper in the ground.

How do I know if my septic tank is not working properly?

  1. Sewerage is very smelly in general but if you have a usual foul smell than your tank capacity is not performing as it should. Get a larger septic tank to allow bacteria to work properly. Alternatively install another smaller tank to compensate for the overflow of the 1st The decomposition time for bacteria is roughly 20-28 days depending on the size of the tank and the number of persons and utilities it has to accommodate. A septic tank that is working well should not give rise to significant odor. If it stinks regularly then there might be a problem with the inputs. Pumping septic tank out and a thorough investigation should be done to see if the mathematics adds up. Is the working capacity right, versus the number of persons and utilities.
  2. If the sludge flows over the septic tank and not in the drain field. Sometimes it could be a blockage. So check that first before investing in a French drain. Pumping septic tank out will then be the only option.
  3. Solids coming through to the drain field. Once again, install a larger tank or get an additional tank.
  4. Effluent/discharge does not flow away properly. Should this happen then it means that the anaerobic processes might be be retarded.

The factors mentioned above will be able to determine when you should be pumping septic tank out. A good start would be once every 12 months.




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Shut off valves

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What is a shut off valve?

A shut off valve is exactly that: Shut off the valve. In other words it can be described as a lever which you can either find at the tap of the hose or outside your home near a box under a concrete slab or even in the home under the sink or in the garage on the wall.

Ever had a leaking or burst pipe underground and you cannot work under pressure? You need to shut off the main supply to the home. This is a plumber’s nightmare? Not knowing where the shut off valve is located in another person’s home.

This valve can also shuts off the water to one sink without disrupting the flow of water to another. In the event of a flood in your home, the shut off valve will provide a quick way to turn off the water. Also note that the climate of the area will depend on where your shutoff valve will be located.  If it’s cold then we would normally find the shut off valve inside the house. Normally in the basement etc.

Here are many types of shut off valves. The most common valve known to us is a ball valve. The other common valve we find is a check valve. There are valves used for many different things. There are valve kits for controlling and mixing water, chemicals and inert gasses. We normally call these valves, solenoid water valves. Shut off valves are also used to prevent backflow from contaminating clean water.

Below you will find a pic of 2 different types of ball valves. The one on the right is the one most homeowners are very familiar with.

shut off valves shut off valve 2

Where do I find my shut off valve?

It’s always best to familiarize yourself with a shut off valve and where to locate them. Don’t wait until you have a flood or leak or an underground burst pipe. Most water meters will have one main shut off

Look between the water main in the street and the meter. There you will find a stop valve. Also note that the climate of the area will depend on where your shutoff valve will be located.  If it’s cold climate then we would normally find the shut off valve inside the house. Normally in the basement etc.

Tip: For the DIY “Plumber’ with an old home, install supply stops at every fixture. You could save yourselves a lot of grief to install a shut off valve at every fixture. Don’t dry wall or plaster over these fixtures. Let them be very accessible just in case disaster strikes you.

Most homes built today have shut off valves installed at the supply lines for the toilets, washing machines, dish washers, faucets, prep bowl etc.  So no need to fret. Locating them and closing them will then be your only con concern.

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What is a Sanitary- Plumber and Builder

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 What are sanitary plumbers?

A Sanitary plumber and Builder is a plumbers or builder that is a qualified plumber or in the art of Building and that can repair or install any plumbing fixture In a home, shop or a factory. A Sanitary plumber and Builder is by far the regular plumber and builder that you will call out to fix or install most plumbing issues. Commercial plumbers and domestic plumbers are normally regarded as sanitary plumbers. Drain laying also falls under this category.When we think of the word, ‘sanitary” we normally think of plumbing fixtures.

What are plumbing fixtures? A plumbing fixture is a device that you can use, which can be connected to any part of pipe, hose or drain in a home.  A Sanitary plumber or builder can easily locate this.

Plumbing fixtures: What is regarded as a plumbing fixture by a sanitary plumber and builder?

Taps and tap valves: A tap or tap valve is sometimes called a faucet and can be defined as a device from which water or any other liquid can flow. A tap can be controlled to open and close at the lever.

Basins:   A basin is normally attached to wall in a bathroom, kitchen or even outside. The outside basins we call troughs. A basin is normally used for washing and has taps above it.

Baths: A bath is a large container that is normally found in bathrooms and washroom. It is used for immersing the body. There are taps or sometimes shower spouts above the baths or sometimes on the side of the bath.

Toilets: A toilet is normally found in bathrooms or sometimes in a room dedicated for human waste. There are mobile toilets,long drop toilets etc. In simple terms a toilet may be used for the urination and defecation of a human. It is normally a large bowl. There is a chain attached to a cistern  in some instances or a cistern with a lever or a button. There are may types of toilets, You get front flush toilets, top flush toilets, close couple toilets and many more. A cistern attached to the toilet is normally filled with water which comes through the water supply of the toilet. This cistern, when yanked or pushed allows for the human waste to flush away to the sewer.

Shower: A bathroom shower is a designated cubicle designed for the cleansing of the body. The bathroom shower normally is enclosed with a door and has a shower floor. The wastewater goes into a small trap that is connected to the sewerage line. There are many types of bathroom showers these days. The most popular being frameless glass showers with a frameless glass shower door and designer walk in showers.

Kitchen fixtures: Kitchen plumbing fixtures are normally the same as plumbing fixtures. The only difference is that these plumbing fixtures are used in the kitchen. For example: A prep bowl or kitchen sink may be connected with an immovable plumbing connection sink may use plumbing connections.

Urinals: A urinal is mostly for commercial purposes in malls, corporate companies and in most male toilets. A urinal is a wall hung “basin type” bowl which is connected to a pipeline that leads to the sewer.

Bidets: A bidet is mostly found in bathrooms and is ana immovable bowl. This toilet type bowl has a water spouting action when a lever or button is pressed. A bidet is used to cleanse oneself after you have defecated or urinated.

Sanitary Plumbing is so diverse that many plumbers decide to specialize in a certain field of plumbing. For example, Drain Ratz Plumbers and Builders is regarded not only as sanitary plumbers but also as   sewerage, drain laying, bathroom, kitchen, domestic, and commercial plumbers. It is impossible to brand the plumbers of Drain Ratz as just sanitary plumbers because of the multilevel plumbing skills they possess. Most plumbers decide to be either maintenance plumbers dealing with sanitary or maintenance plumbers  dealing with drains. All depends on the skills of that particular plumbing company.




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Burst pipes repair

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How to repair a burst pipe?

Burst pipes can be one of the most expensive plumbing problems that a home owner can experience. Burst pipes can damage your entire home and electrical wiring if not fixed on time. Imagine that you on a holiday and on your return you are greeted by burst pipes. Not pleasant at all. Here are immediate actions one can take to eliminate the water emergency if you are at home.


Before doing any repair work: Firstly identify what type of pipe you are working with. Once you have analyzed the size and type of pipe, you may proceed. Always remember that trying to fix a burst pipe under pressure is almost very impossible.  Follow these few simle rules to make your burst pipe repair a success.

1.Turn off the water supply: the water supply can be turned off by the stopcock. It is usually a small tap/lever. In most case you will have to go and look at your main line or even the kitchen sink. Close that stop cock.

2. Close the taps on the toilets, your cold water taps etc. – Basically turn off all the existing systems that may have water in.

3. Switch off all the electrical – Mains. If the main switch is wet, please call an electrician immediately.

4. Switch off central heating systems:  Once water heating has been shut off, turn on the hot taps.This will to help drain the system.

Fix burst pipe: See if the burst pipe is leaking from a screw fitting. See if you can tighten it. If not read our article about repair of leaking pipes. This will give you an in depth step by step instruction as to how to repair the burst pipe.

Materials that can be used to fix a burst pipes:

Check if the burst pipe is galvanize pipes. You will need  a galvanized clamp to clamp temporarily.If the burst pipe is polycop, you can always just cut and join with a conex straight coupler. If the burst pipe is copper, you will need a slip socket, elbow or tee flux, solder wire, to fix problem.

Tools to be used:  If the burst pipe is galvanized, use the alan key to clamp it. If the burst pipe is polycop, you need a double hacksaw blade, a shifting spanner and a pump plier. If the burst pipe is copper, you  need a gas burner and a pipe cutter.

Tip to remember: Shut off the water supply to your house. Also drain all the pipes as  instructed above should you want to go away for a few days. If you are not a DIY person, gladly give Drain Ratz Plumbers a call. The experts in solving plumbing emergencies like burst pipes.

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Drain Cleaning

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Drain cleaning methods often used:

  1. Special plumber’s rods protruded into the drain. These are the most common tools of the drain cleaning plumbers trade. These are normally 2m long rods,attached together with a drain auger at the end. the drain auger is used to unblock the drain while the plumber attach more rods depending on the distance of the drain and the drain blockage. Manually the rods are protruded in and out of the drain. This type of drain unblocking can be used on roots but not as efficient .

  2. Special drain machines – these drain cleaning machines are used for most drain pipes. Sewer drains can also be unblocked this way.  The drain machine is a mechanically operated drain machine and has different extensions that can easily cut through roots and fats.

  3. Drain cleaners: – potent drain unblockers. sometimes stubborn oils and fats can be unblocked with a drain cleaning unblocker. A sulphuric based drain cleaner usually does the trick and this can be followed up with a drain maintenance programme. A drain maintenance programme can keep the drain in tip top condition for a long time.

  4. Drain Jetting: Drain jetting cleans  the drain from top to bottom and by means of water pressure it can unblock most of the major blockages. Drain Jetting uses a flexible hose that sprays water at a very high velocity.  Very popular in most coastal towns.

  5. Drain Snaking: Snaking pipes in very difficult areas if you do not own a drain machine is the most popular technique. Plumbers sometimes have to use the drain snake to reach drain blockages in areas where the rods drain rods cannot be used. Sometimes plumbers have to snake drains through toilets where there are not enough ie’s to reach blockages.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection:

CCTV drain camera inspection is very costly so one should first consider the above methods of drain unblocking before proceeding with CCTV Drain Camera Inspection? A video pipe line inspection is  what it is sometimes referred to. We use a cctv inspection normally when a drain line has been blocked on numerous occasions and the plumber needs to find out what is happening inside the drain. A drain inspection will aid in pin pointing the exact place of damage and be able to fix just that section. In other words, a cctv drain camera inspection  is used in cases where we cannot detect the cause of obstruction in the drain.Cctv  inspection is in fact a money saving tool.  It also recommendable to do a cctv drain camera inspection before purchasing a home.  A cctv drain camera inspection can be used to keep a record of the occurrence in your drain for legal purposes or for municipal purposes.

Drain Ratz plumbing division will gladly will gladly assist with regards to your cctv drain camera inspection.

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