Septic Tanks/French drains

Septic Tanks and French drains

Septic Tanks and French drains

Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks are one of the most common sewerage waste treatment processes used here in South Africa coupled with an absorption chamber (french drain).

There are 2 types that we can accommodate this process for effluent. Brick built septic tanks and french drains are by far the most common on most agricultural holdings, depending on the soil porosity and the local municipality by laws.  Systems, like septic tanks and french drains have many variations – all based of course on the basic principle of waste treatment.

Brick built septic tanks or french drains

This type of septic tank or french drain only works properly for waste treatment when all factors are considered. Factors like soil porosity, location and what regulations were in place, if any when the tank was installed.

A built system normally comprises of three chambers which allows the solids in the waste water to separate. The solids either float to the surface or goes to the bottom where the decomposition/treatment of micro-organisms takes place.

The remaining waste water would then be either run directly to a soak away/french drain. Many septic tanks have a filtration tank where the waste water filter before leaving the system into the french drain.

Plastic tanks

Polyrib septic tanks or Polyethylene are the norm of the modern day waste water treatment process.  Very convenient and build for this purpose. These septic tanks can be easily installed with minimal problems and can easily be connected to a french drain. There are no plastic alternatives for a french drain.

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