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Pumping septic tank – what is the time frame?

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Pumping septic tank out- How often must it be done 

This is a question where one normally gets very contradictory answers. Our building regulations has a mandatory frequency for emptying.  Septic tank pumping out should be  done at least once a year to help maintain your drain field/French drain. Other persons believe that you should only suck out your septic tank at least 2 to 2 ½ years. Some people never ever suck out their tank. To maintain the lifespan of your drain field/French drain it is imperative for you to maintain your tank at least once a year.

The questions arises. What if my septic tank’s working capacity is larger than the guy next doors? What if my septic tank is newer than the guy next doors? What if my septic tank is connected on a dual pipe system? All these questions and contradictory answers.

Drain Ratz Sewerage department will ask that you do the following recommendation. The following factors will aid in the longevity of your drain field/french drain

Check your volumes of water and solids. Check the type of cleaning agents/products being used. Solid wastes also play an important part in the breaking down processes in the septic tank. Do not throw tampons, cotton wool, cotton buds, and cloth down the drain. Check how many utilities is running on a daily basis. Should you have this problem then you should be pumping septic tank out immediately.

Pumping septic tank out  consider the following:

Also note that when you install a new septic tank the plumbers will carry out a number of percolation test to determine if there is any significant water table in the superficial deposits that the tank will sit in.

Bacteria plays and important part in the workings of a septic tank and you can on a new installation of a septic tank, add a septic tank start up pack. Some people swear by putting a dead chicken or adding fertilizers in the tank to boost the bacteria in the septic tank. This is not necessary. A good working septic tank should be able to produce its own bacteria. Warmer tanks produces better bacteria than tanks that are installed deeper in the ground.

How do I know if my septic tank is not working properly?

  1. Sewerage is very smelly in general but if you have a usual foul smell than your tank capacity is not performing as it should. Get a larger septic tank to allow bacteria to work properly. Alternatively install another smaller tank to compensate for the overflow of the 1st The decomposition time for bacteria is roughly 20-28 days depending on the size of the tank and the number of persons and utilities it has to accommodate. A septic tank that is working well should not give rise to significant odor. If it stinks regularly then there might be a problem with the inputs. Pumping septic tank out and a thorough investigation should be done to see if the mathematics adds up. Is the working capacity right, versus the number of persons and utilities.
  2. If the sludge flows over the septic tank and not in the drain field. Sometimes it could be a blockage. So check that first before investing in a French drain. Pumping septic tank out will then be the only option.
  3. Solids coming through to the drain field. Once again, install a larger tank or get an additional tank.
  4. Effluent/discharge does not flow away properly. Should this happen then it means that the anaerobic processes might be be retarded.

The factors mentioned above will be able to determine when you should be pumping septic tank out. A good start would be once every 12 months.




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