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Burst pipes repair

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How to repair a burst pipe?

Burst pipes can be one of the most expensive plumbing problems that a home owner can experience. Burst pipes can damage your entire home and electrical wiring if not fixed on time. Imagine that you on a holiday and on your return you are greeted by burst pipes. Not pleasant at all. Here are immediate actions one can take to eliminate the water emergency if you are at home.


Before doing any repair work: Firstly identify what type of pipe you are working with. Once you have analyzed the size and type of pipe, you may proceed. Always remember that trying to fix a burst pipe under pressure is almost very impossible.  Follow these few simle rules to make your burst pipe repair a success.

1.Turn off the water supply: the water supply can be turned off by the stopcock. It is usually a small tap/lever. In most case you will have to go and look at your main line or even the kitchen sink. Close that stop cock.

2. Close the taps on the toilets, your cold water taps etc. – Basically turn off all the existing systems that may have water in.

3. Switch off all the electrical – Mains. If the main switch is wet, please call an electrician immediately.

4. Switch off central heating systems:  Once water heating has been shut off, turn on the hot taps.This will to help drain the system.

Fix burst pipe: See if the burst pipe is leaking from a screw fitting. See if you can tighten it. If not read our article about repair of leaking pipes. This will give you an in depth step by step instruction as to how to repair the burst pipe.

Materials that can be used to fix a burst pipes:

Check if the burst pipe is galvanize pipes. You will need  a galvanized clamp to clamp temporarily.If the burst pipe is polycop, you can always just cut and join with a conex straight coupler. If the burst pipe is copper, you will need a slip socket, elbow or tee flux, solder wire, to fix problem.

Tools to be used:  If the burst pipe is galvanized, use the alan key to clamp it. If the burst pipe is polycop, you need a double hacksaw blade, a shifting spanner and a pump plier. If the burst pipe is copper, you  need a gas burner and a pipe cutter.

Tip to remember: Shut off the water supply to your house. Also drain all the pipes as  instructed above should you want to go away for a few days. If you are not a DIY person, gladly give Drain Ratz Plumbers a call. The experts in solving plumbing emergencies like burst pipes.

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