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What is a Sanitary- Plumber and Builder

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 What are sanitary plumbers?

A Sanitary plumber and Builder is a plumbers or builder that is a qualified plumber or in the art of Building and that can repair or install any plumbing fixture In a home, shop or a factory. A Sanitary plumber and Builder is by far the regular plumber and builder that you will call out to fix or install most plumbing issues. Commercial plumbers and domestic plumbers are normally regarded as sanitary plumbers. Drain laying also falls under this category.When we think of the word, ‘sanitary” we normally think of plumbing fixtures.

What are plumbing fixtures? A plumbing fixture is a device that you can use, which can be connected to any part of pipe, hose or drain in a home.  A Sanitary plumber or builder can easily locate this.

Plumbing fixtures: What is regarded as a plumbing fixture by a sanitary plumber and builder?

Taps and tap valves: A tap or tap valve is sometimes called a faucet and can be defined as a device from which water or any other liquid can flow. A tap can be controlled to open and close at the lever.

Basins:   A basin is normally attached to wall in a bathroom, kitchen or even outside. The outside basins we call troughs. A basin is normally used for washing and has taps above it.

Baths: A bath is a large container that is normally found in bathrooms and washroom. It is used for immersing the body. There are taps or sometimes shower spouts above the baths or sometimes on the side of the bath.

Toilets: A toilet is normally found in bathrooms or sometimes in a room dedicated for human waste. There are mobile toilets,long drop toilets etc. In simple terms a toilet may be used for the urination and defecation of a human. It is normally a large bowl. There is a chain attached to a cistern  in some instances or a cistern with a lever or a button. There are may types of toilets, You get front flush toilets, top flush toilets, close couple toilets and many more. A cistern attached to the toilet is normally filled with water which comes through the water supply of the toilet. This cistern, when yanked or pushed allows for the human waste to flush away to the sewer.

Shower: A bathroom shower is a designated cubicle designed for the cleansing of the body. The bathroom shower normally is enclosed with a door and has a shower floor. The wastewater goes into a small trap that is connected to the sewerage line. There are many types of bathroom showers these days. The most popular being frameless glass showers with a frameless glass shower door and designer walk in showers.

Kitchen fixtures: Kitchen plumbing fixtures are normally the same as plumbing fixtures. The only difference is that these plumbing fixtures are used in the kitchen. For example: A prep bowl or kitchen sink may be connected with an immovable plumbing connection sink may use plumbing connections.

Urinals: A urinal is mostly for commercial purposes in malls, corporate companies and in most male toilets. A urinal is a wall hung “basin type” bowl which is connected to a pipeline that leads to the sewer.

Bidets: A bidet is mostly found in bathrooms and is ana immovable bowl. This toilet type bowl has a water spouting action when a lever or button is pressed. A bidet is used to cleanse oneself after you have defecated or urinated.

Sanitary Plumbing is so diverse that many plumbers decide to specialize in a certain field of plumbing. For example, Drain Ratz Plumbers and Builders is regarded not only as sanitary plumbers but also as   sewerage, drain laying, bathroom, kitchen, domestic, and commercial plumbers. It is impossible to brand the plumbers of Drain Ratz as just sanitary plumbers because of the multilevel plumbing skills they possess. Most plumbers decide to be either maintenance plumbers dealing with sanitary or maintenance plumbers  dealing with drains. All depends on the skills of that particular plumbing company.




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