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Drain Cleaning

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Drain cleaning methods often used:

  1. Special plumber’s rods protruded into the drain. These are the most common tools of the drain cleaning plumbers trade. These are normally 2m long rods,attached together with a drain auger at the end. the drain auger is used to unblock the drain while the plumber attach more rods depending on the distance of the drain and the drain blockage. Manually the rods are protruded in and out of the drain. This type of drain unblocking can be used on roots but not as efficient .

  2. Special drain machines – these drain cleaning machines are used for most drain pipes. Sewer drains can also be unblocked this way.  The drain machine is a mechanically operated drain machine and has different extensions that can easily cut through roots and fats.

  3. Drain cleaners: – potent drain unblockers. sometimes stubborn oils and fats can be unblocked with a drain cleaning unblocker. A sulphuric based drain cleaner usually does the trick and this can be followed up with a drain maintenance programme. A drain maintenance programme can keep the drain in tip top condition for a long time.

  4. Drain Jetting: Drain jetting cleans  the drain from top to bottom and by means of water pressure it can unblock most of the major blockages. Drain Jetting uses a flexible hose that sprays water at a very high velocity.  Very popular in most coastal towns.

  5. Drain Snaking: Snaking pipes in very difficult areas if you do not own a drain machine is the most popular technique. Plumbers sometimes have to use the drain snake to reach drain blockages in areas where the rods drain rods cannot be used. Sometimes plumbers have to snake drains through toilets where there are not enough ie’s to reach blockages.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection:

CCTV drain camera inspection is very costly so one should first consider the above methods of drain unblocking before proceeding with CCTV Drain Camera Inspection? A video pipe line inspection is  what it is sometimes referred to. We use a cctv inspection normally when a drain line has been blocked on numerous occasions and the plumber needs to find out what is happening inside the drain. A drain inspection will aid in pin pointing the exact place of damage and be able to fix just that section. In other words, a cctv drain camera inspection  is used in cases where we cannot detect the cause of obstruction in the drain.Cctv  inspection is in fact a money saving tool.  It also recommendable to do a cctv drain camera inspection before purchasing a home.  A cctv drain camera inspection can be used to keep a record of the occurrence in your drain for legal purposes or for municipal purposes.

Drain Ratz plumbing division will gladly will gladly assist with regards to your cctv drain camera inspection.

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