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French Drain Septic Tank in Midrand

French Drains Septic Tanks/Waste Water Treatment Solutions/Reed beds

There are many reasons why french drains seem to fail the most in the Midrand area. The soil porosity in some areas in Midrand seem to be a bit rocky. There seems to be a high concentration of ouklip in the area. These ares are ideal for reed beds as well as waste water treatment plants. The municipality also will inform you as to the system you should install in the area. Make them your first stop of investigation. Should they concur for a french drain system/Soak away, we are good to go. If unsure about the rules and regulations of french drains septic tanks/soak aways, Drain Ratz Plumbers are just a call away.As a general policy the municipality is only prepared to permit the installation of a french drain/soak away when the soil conditions are ideal.  The municipality reserves the right to insist on the removal of a french drain septic tanks/soak away at any time in their sole discretion. Just as a general rule for french drains:


  1. Size of plot must be considered. (900 square metres)

  2. The soil must be suitable for the installation of a french drain/soak away. In more than one case the municipality has allowed for the installation of a septic tank but not a french drain/soak away. If this is a case, the most long term cost effective solution would be to install a treatment plant. DrainRatz Plumbers would be able to assist you as they are leaders in this field.

  3. There must be a stable water source.

  4. The septic tank and french drain/soak away if feeding a dual or single pipe line must be excavated 2 to 3m away from the building it services.

  5. The inlet and the outlet must be accessible from the inspection covers in the top of the tank.

  6. The Director of Health Services may condone a combined drainage system depending on the absorption capacity.

  7. Most important rule: septic tanks must be watertight.

  8. Most sites are comfortably fitted with durable plastic tanks and it is recorded that the precast concrete and the everite asbestos cement tanks have been approved by the municipality and may be permitted in certain circumstances but not in conjunction with a combined drainage system.

  9. When a sewerage system is installed, all buildings must be connected to the sewer, septic tanks and french drains/soak away closed down.

General rules for French drain Septic Tanks

(Old fashioned way of just digging a hole and filling it with building rubble and stones – Not permitted, according to the new rules and regulations.) Follow these below and you will be safely on your way of having an approved unit.

  1. A trench-style french drain/soak away with walls of cement blocks,hollow tile brickwork and cavities to be in tile horizontal plane.

  2. Standard size: 600 mm x 600 mm x 7 5mm paving slabs. The trench must have a surround of stone/half burned bricks and width must be 450 mm and to the full depts. Of the walls. Should your permit, stipulate differently, implement that which is stated on your permit.

  3. Should have a system of agricultural drainpipes guided by the circumstances, not less than 3 metres from any building or boundry.

  4. Pit: should be round constructed with cement blocks or hollow clay tiles with cavities in the horizontal plane. The pit size should be 2 metres in diameter and dept as circumstances indicate. The pit should have reinforced slab over the top to contain a 600 mm x 150 mm inspection cover.

  5. Most important factor: it must be parallel to the contours of the ground.

  6. The length of the french drain/soak away must be determined in relation to the soil and general site conditions and the number of appliances served by the french drain/soak away.

  7. If you have a low lying ground with a high water table, the municipality may allow the round/circular soakage pit Subject To Terms & Conditions:
    1. The level of the site around the french drain/soak away to be considered. It must be raised above the level attained by stormwater.

      1. Use a channelling system like gutters, down pipes to carry all roof water away from the french drain/soak away to the nearest road.

      2. Buildings must be damp proof at least 2 courses above the level of the filling.

      3. French drain/soak away must be an adequate size, the depth being dependent upon the summer water table in any particular area.

      4. There must be a clearance level of at least 25 RN between the invert level of the final discharge pipe into the french drain/soak away and the maximum water table in the french drain/soak away pit.

      5. In cases where your french drain/soak away is not functioning properly, and you have an arrangement with the municipality for the removal of wastewater, a watertight sump may be permitted in placer of, or in addition to a french drain/soak away. The watertight sump should be able to incapacitate 4500 litres, I t must  be properly ventilated and situated not more than 12 meters from a vehicular approach to permit of future servicing.

General Plumbing rules must be set in  motion for Waste water treatment plants as well as for reed beds. For a job like this, it is always wise to contact the professionals.Here at Drain Ratz  Plumbing we will be able to assist with general plumbing guidelines for the installation of reed beds and waste water treatment plants.

Areas we service in Midrand

  • Allandale
  • Barbeque Downs
  • Beaulieu
  • Blue Hills
  • Blue Hills Ah
  • Blue Hills Country Estate
  • Blue Hills Equestrian Estate
  • Bridle Park A H
  • Carlswald
  • Carlswald Estate
  • Carlswald North
  • Carlswald North Estate
  • Commercia
  • Country View
  • Crescent Wood Country Estate
  • Crowthorne A H
  • Diepsloot
  • Ebony Park
  • Erand Gardens
  • Glen Austin
  • Glenferness
  • Grand Central
  • Halfway Gardens
  • Halfway House
  • Helderfontein Estate
  • Ivory Park
  • Jukskei View
  • Kaalfontein
  • Kyalami
  • Kyalami Ah
  • Kyalami Estates
  • Kyalami Glen Estate
  • Kyalami Hills
  • Midrand
  • Midridge Park
  • Montecello Estate
  • Noordwyk
  • President Park
  • Rabie Ridge
  • Randjesfontein A H
  • Randjespark
  • Saddlebrook Estate
  • Sagewood
  • Savannah Hills Estate
  • Steyn City
  • Summerset Estate
  • Sun Valley
  • Treesbank AH
  • Vorna Valley
  • Willaway

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