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Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbers are often associated with  water activities as well as human waste and are often disdained. At Drain Ratz we love plumbing. Not only is it a career choice but also a step in the right direction here in SA as well as abroad.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Plumbers, are fast becoming the no 1 occupation in the world, next to pipe fitters and steam fitters. Publish Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Employment of plumbers next to pipefitters, and steamfitters has a growth projection of 21% from 2012 to 2022. This is the fastest average for any occupation in the world.

Construction of buildings (old designs or the new more modern greener designs) is driving supply and demand for licensed plumbers throughout the world. We are all aware that sewerage systems are evolving every year to more compact and ecofriendly systems. Updated plumbers with a flair for new developments in the sewerage field (i.e. – septic drain fields/sewerage treatment plants/bio mite systems) will never have a shortage of work now and in the future.

Drain Ratz, Plumbers in Midrand, Plumbers in Centurion, Jhb,Plumbers in Cape Town and Plumbers in Pretoria’s secret of success in keeping ahead of the pact is: Education and continues research in the Plumbing industry. The essence that makes us different from all the other plumbing companies is that we learn from our mistakes and we are constantly evolving as a plumbing company towards human betterment. Being a woman owned company, the gentler side of plumbing is ever so evident in mannerism and in the way the plumbers of Drain Ratz conduct themselves.

What exactly do Emergency Plumbers do and what role do Plumbers have in the future as we are slowly evolving towards a green era?

The definition of a Plumbing Engineer is: A tradesman that installs or repairs underground or above ground fittings, pipes, sanitation, heating systems and other apparatus that supply water.The plumbing engineer is responsible for the design of a wide range of plumbing, process, and power-piped systems that overlap with the mechanical, civil, fire protection, and chemical engineering disciplines. That is but just a brief description of what a plumbing Engineer does.

The Future for a Plumber?

Plumbers also have the responsibility of low flow plumbing fixtures and waste treatment systems as well as water reclamation. Even though plumbers have all these responsibilities they are always working within the shadow of the mechanical engineer and slowly but surely the tide is beginning to change. A licensed plumber has now the same status as an engineering professional as these systems are becoming more and more complex as we move into the green era. Professional engineers are beginning to know little about the evolution of these complex systems in this oncoming new plumbing era.

Natural Biosphere & Future Plumbers/Sustainable plumbing

Drain Ratz Plumbers are  an emergency plumbers company who believes in natural biosphere and green plumbing methods.We are slowly moving into an era where the natural habits of the biosphere is once again becoming a crucial factor in engineering. For most engineers, especially in water systems which directly affects the plumbing trade, many more people are returning to the Earth’s natural biosphere.Plumbing companies will have to learn from the natural way the biosphere handles waste and purifies water. A plumbing company that accept these basic rules in the future and starts learning and respecting the biosphere will be following a successful trend for their future growth and sustainability.The negative growth of the human population and its constant demand for increased first world standard of living will guarantee a successful and rewarding vocations to plumbing engineers that install or design sustainable, biosphere-friendly plumbing systems.

Drain Ratz Plumbers is installs sustainable bio friendly plumbing systems besides doing the daily yet necessary plumbing maintenance like:

Emergency Plumbing Maintenance Services

Fixing taps/Replacing taps

Drainage systems (repair/Install new)

Geysers (repair/install new)

Drain unblocking





Shower doors/shower floors

Bathroom renovations

Water connections

Water meter installations

Heat pumps

Solar geyser

Swimming pool pumps

Septic tanks

French drains

Waste Water treatment plants

Septic tank cleaning

French drain cleaning


Leak Detection

Fire Sprinkler systems

Piping and re-piping

Cctv camera inspections

Bathroom renovations

Drain Maintenance programmes

Appliance installations

Some of the areas we cover as emergency plumbers are: Centurion,pretoria cbd,pretoria north,midrand,jhb and bela bela

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