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Repair Leaking pipes

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Repair leaking pipes for Dummies

On the rare occasion when an Emergency Plumber cannot assist you immediately, you have to try at least to repair the water leak until professional help is available. Huge municipal water accounts are mostly due to leaking pipes or tap or even underground leaks.  There are a few basic steps that you can take until an emergency plumber is available. If you cannot get a pipe wrap immediately, do it the old fashion way. In the meantime use some Pipe Wrap.  Pipe wrap is a type of fibreglass that is glazed with resin. This pipe wrap will stick and repair a leak in a flash.  It sticks to PVC, concrete, all metal pipes as well as fibreglass.If you cannot get a pipe wrap immediately, repair your leak the old fashion way.

Tools needed:

  • Piece of rubber
  • Clamp or cable tie
  • Epoxy glue
  • Putty knife


  • Look for the shut of valve. In the previous write-ups we have shown you where to find the shut off valves. IF it is a tap, look at the lever on the side. If it’s a outside leak, shut off the shut off valve by the water meter. By doing this, you will shut off the entire water supply to your home. Sometimes shut of valves are found in the basements of homes, so be prudent to look properly.
  • There should still be water in the pipes so be sure to turn of the faucets so that you can drain the rest of the water that is in the pipe. Give the pipe a wipe down to remove any sweat or water residue.
  • Once this step is done and pipe is dry on the outside: Find a piece of rubber, epoxy glue, a clamp or a few cable ties.
  • For most woman, a butter knife works wonders. Or if you do have a putty knife, spread some epoxy glue on the pipe
  • Patch the leak with the piece of rubber that you found and clamp or cable tie very securely.
  • If you still not happy with your patchwork, you can use water proof tape to cover your repair. This will be give it that extra protection that you need.
  • Repair leaking pipes should be tested. Turn on the shut off valve and watch for any leaks when the water is turned back on.

There you are: Now you can call Drain Ratz Plumbers for a more permanent repair. If you are a hands on person and you can handle plumbing tools, here is your recipe to repair leaking pipes.

Tools needed:

  • Metal cutting saw
  • Tape measure
  • Solder – if copper pipe
  • Flux – if copper pipe
  • Gas burner – if copper pipe
  • Fitting like a clamp or Kimberley sockets or slip sockets– depending on the pipe and where it is.
  • Coupling
  • Union piece or slip socket- if not copper
  • Piece of pipe. Depend on the type of pipe. Is it poly cop or galvanized. What size is the pipe? Is it 110 or 50mm etc. 


  • Look for the shut off valve once again and shut off the water supply to the house.
  • Cut the pipe that has been damaged. Recommendation: old galvanized pipes normally have to be cut off completely at least 1m on each side of the leak to ensure that the galvanized pipe is completely repaired. Using small pieces of pipe to repair leaking pipes, (galvanized pipes) can sometimes not work especially for underground. Galvanized pipes are older pipes and can be easily effected by rust.
  • Next step would be to measure the pipe that needs replacement. Some hardware stores will not allow you to purchase just a piece of pipe but rather the entire length. Most pipe lengths will come in 6m or 5.5m .
  • Cut the infecting leaking piece of pipe on both ends with a metal cutting saw.
  • Polishing down the ends of the remaining pipe will allow for an easy fitment as well as a neat finish.
  • Solder the new piece of pipe by using your gas burner, flux and solder wire if it is a copper pipe.
  • If not copper pipe, then your union piece or slip socket will aid in joining the 2 pieces.
  • Tighten the coupling of the joining piece.
  • Once you have the coupling on, secure it for any leaks.
  • Repair leaking pipes must be tested. Turn on the shut off valve.

Repair leaking pipes can be very tricky yet very simple if you have the right tools for the job. Drain Ratz Plumbers have qualified plumbers and Builders that will assist you. Repair leaking pipes does not have to be a train smash!








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