Drains and Drainage systems

Two Sewerage Workers In The Manhole | Drain Ratz Plumbers

Drains and Drainage systems | Drain Ratz Plumbers

Drains/Drainage systems/Cctv drain camera inspection

We often hear about Drains, drainage, sewerage pipe lines, main lines, underground pipe lines,ceramic pipes, pvc pipes, galvanised pipe lines, cctv drain camera inspection and so the list goes on and on….

Have we ever wondered to ask?

  • What is Drainage?
  • Why do we need drainage systems?
  • Who invented the Drain Pipe?
  • How does modern-day drainage and drain affect our lives?
  • What is cctv drain camera inspection.

Or even

Why are drain lines underneath the ground and how safe are these pipes to the environment?

The answers are simple. Man has evolved. Man evolution has caused invention beyond belief and somehow it has work perfectly well until recent studies. We will get there later. For now, let us concentrate on the questions above.

What is drainage and drainage systems? Anything that is not a formation of a natural disaster like typhoons, volcanoes etc., is unnatural. Drainage systems are a man discovered channeling system to sewerage the debris from the water. For land drainage, a collective drainage system is referred to geomorphology. This is normally a pattern or a design in which the water can pass and finally end up in a dam or a stream or a pit. In sewerage drainage the process is the same yet in most cases the sewerage gets diverted to a sewerage plant a. It is not uncommon knowledge that this sewerage gets refined again and reused. The process of recycling. Without a proper drainage system, every home-built today would be a disaster home.

Most drainage product is designed to end up in basins where further recycling is then set in motion. In other words, : To drain something means to extract or remove substances unnaturally or to separate water from substances and to further channel this substances using pies, or modern-day structures for further recycling or sadly in today’s day and age “pollution!

Multi dollar corporations has been found to channel debris via drainage systems into our wonder marine world. Sad but true. Drainage systems were intended for the extraction of debris and water and solely for the good of the environment. Man however always finds a way to tarnish even the most innocent of inventions.

Why do we need drainage?

Ever heard the saying: My drain is blocked?  Or even “My drain is clogged?” For that reason exactly modern drainage systems incorporating geotextile filters are used in modern drains. Geotextile filters act as a filter that prevents the fine soil from passing into a clogged drain. Water is however allowed to pass through. In a modern drainage system, i.e. Reed beds systems, ecofriendly systems etc, or even in some typical drainage systems, granular material –normally very coarse like, (stones, gravel, gabion, shells, and rocks) will be laid inside the trench. This allows for the filtration of the drainage system. The geotextiles are then placed above the granular material and covered with soil.

HDPE Pipes can also be considered and has become a very popular choice in the construction of drainage lines. Why HDPE pipes are so popular is because it already contains the geotextile fibres and filters which we call, ‘rag filters”. No need for raw materials like the natural substances referred to in the above system. This is he lazy man’s drainage construction choice of material,. There are however die-hard naturalist out there that trust nothing accept that which they have laid or manufactured themselves. In drainage systems and choices, it is purely an individual decision. Drain Ratz Plumbers for Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Johannesburg uses both methods but HDPE pipes are becoming a commonly sourced method from clients as well as municipalities. The municipalities prefer their HDPE pipes, synthetic drains and concrete linings.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems are designed to encourage contractors like Drain Ratz Cape Town, Centurion,Johannesburg (Jhb), Pretoria and Midrand or any other plumbing company involved in the construction of drainage systems to install drainage systems that closely represent the natural flow of water in nature. Drain Ratz agrees 100% that nature should remain undisturbed unless absolutely necessary. In the 20th century, we have seen the biggest turn of drainage construction in the plumbing century. Sustainable drainage systems), as we know mimic nature and typically manage rainfall close to where it falls. Sustainable drainage systems are designed to slow water down (attenuate) before it enters streams, rivers and other water courses or water pathways, they provide areas to store water in natural contours and can be used to allow water to soak (infiltrate) into the ground or evaporated from surface water and lost or transpired from vegetation (known as evapotranspiration).

The arrival of slot drainage…. This has transformed the way we thought about drainage in the past. .. This is however another chapter on its own.

It is interesting to make note however that the construction industry has 2 types of known drainage systems. I.E

  1. Channel Drainage: As mentioned in the previous section, channel drainage is the most popular and is manufactured from raw materials like, concrete, polymer composites as well as steel structures because of the resistant towards erosion. Excavation is this process is not as intense and is much less shallow because we normally use gratings or single slots (drains). That run along the ground surface.
  2. Gully drainage also called point of entry drainage or common name in drainage construction would be: Point drainage.  What is a gulley? A gulley connects to drainage pipes very deep beneath the surface of the ground. Let’s say for argument’s sake, you are laying a foundation of a house 2 meters down and having protruding pipes? Gulley’s will be laid much deeper beneath the surface, (deeper than the the 2 meters of the home foundation). There will also be support structures laid to facilitate the gulley from collapsing. In Drainage construction we use, strutting, shoring or commonly used in South Africa, planking. 

Drain Ratz Plumbing Drain/Drainage Areas of service
Drain Ratz services the Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand,Jhb and now in Bela Bela .

We strive to deliver professional services at all costs.
This is a few of our basic services regarding drains/drainage and drain piping or maybe in the future, drain re-lining.

  1. New drainage
  2. Repairs to old drainage lines
  3. Drain Unblocking’s
  4. Drain Camera inspections
  5. Drain analysis
  6. Drain damage reports

What are Drains?
Drains are the system of pipes that transport the fluids and solids from the toilets, showers, baths & basins, kitchen sinks and washing machines from the house to the municipal drainage system.

Silt, scale, grease, especially grease accumulate in your drains and waste pipes. Drain Ratz Plumbers has the answer for you. As forerunners in the drain and sewage industry, we know that the best way to prevent expensive drain cleaning episodes, would be to do a periodic maintenance on your drain.Drain Ratz drain cleaning products are specially designed for the 3 flaws of all drains and drainage systems- commercial and household.

  1. Excess surface water/run off– water that has been drained directly from ground and left to stagnate. Not just a breathing ground for mosquitoes but also unhygienic for human life. In this case Drain Ratz Plumbers would recommend that it gets sucked out and then area be disinfected
  2. Foul-smelling/ill scented water– water used from any building or building process. Common examples (showers, toilets, baths, sinks, dishwashers etc.) This foul water once again can leave you feeling ill and lethargic.
  3. Effluent drains – Any liquid with or without suspended particles carried out at an industrial site or even a house hold. These type of drains/drainages needs constant maintenance to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

Blockages in the drains  – Can be caused by:

  1. Roots of trees entering drains at the joints or through cracks in the walls.
  2. Sanitary pads discarded and flushed down the drain.
  3. Prophylactics being flushed down the drain.
  4. Old drain pipes collapsing under pressure.
  5. Sand and Cement entering the drain pipes during construction.
  6. Hair being flushed down the drain pipes or shower traps
  7. Undissolved fats staying behind in the drain pipes.
  8. Fetuses flushed in drains.
  9. Old urban ware drainage systems
  10. Natural disasters
  11. Poor drainage planning and preparation

Methods used to unblock a drain

  1. Special plumber’s rods protruded into the drain.
  2. Special drain machines
  3. Drain cleaners
  4. CCTV drain camera inspection  can detect the quickest possible solution and can save costs.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Cctv drain camera for accurate drain diagnosis. Drain camera inspections are very expensive one should first consider the above methods of drain unblocking before proceeding with CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

When should one request a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection?

  1. CCTV Drain Camera inspection is used in cases where we cannot detect the cause of obstruction in the drain.
  2. CCTV Drain Camera inspection can be used to keep a record of the occurrence in your drain for legal purposes or for municipal purposes.
  3. Drain Camera inspections are also requested for insurance purposes or prior to moving into a new home

You need to perform regular drain maintenance and cleaning if you want your drain to last long and flow like it should. One does not realize the importance of drains until you have to dig up expensive paving and maybe even grass or trees. Keep drains free of items that clog them such as hair, food and soap scum. It is always best to invest in a drain screen or strainer that collects hair and keeps it from flowing down the drains. Hir is one of the biggest enemies of your drain.As soon as you notice that water seems to be draining more slowly than usual, it’s time to clear a clog. Unclogging drains is the repair that is most often performed in drain maintenance. Most people wait until the clog has grown and cause more serious problems. Drains must be cleaned  on a regular basis. Once a month is good for routine maintenance for drains.

Drain Ratz are professional installers and drain cleaning experts. Drain Ratz also does cctv drain camera inspection n for your drains.

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