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Sewage Solutions

Are French drains & septic the only sewage solutions in the Pretoria Areas?

Sewage Solutions like septic tanks,french drains and waste water treatment plants are the only other alternative to sewage solutions in most rural areas or farmlands or even in modern day plots.Often times septic tanks and french drains have to be sucked out or the french drains can fail. It is often advisable to look for a waste treatment plant in this area too. Drain Ratz Plumbers specializes in sewage solutions both for commercial and rural.

Why do most french drains fail in Pretoria?

Once again there is a huge amount of turf sand in the Pretoria areas. In some areas a french drain & septic tank system may work and some areas not. We would like to offer this bit of advise prior to purchasing homes in Pretoria.

Get to know your home prior to purchasing. Often times we check for the plumbing COC, Electrical COC, but we forget to check the sewage solutions and whether the sewerage system will cost you money in the long run or if there is a municipal connection. In other words, check all details prior to purchasing a home. Should there be a borehole on the premises, that’s excellent. Depending on the distance of the borehole, we would advise that a french drain does not get installed but rather a waste water treatment plant. A french drain cannot be installed less than 100m from a borehole.  You have to decide what’s the most lucrative choice for you in the long run. Where do you save money? Honey suckers? Or water?

The most important factor is soil porosity in french drains failing. Often times customers wants us to install french drains in addition to a septic tank disposal unit for product without having first checked the type of soil their plot, farm stead or home is build on. This information you will find at your local municipality or you can test the soil yourself at certain laboratories. Waste water treatment plants are not cheap but have a guaranteed buy back. In Pretoria and in the Midrand areas we would advise that you consider installing a waste water treatment plant as a form of sewage solutions.By this we mean consider firstly all the possibilities before heading towards a french drain failure.

If a french drain has not failed in the more than 10 years, you can well assured that that soil is able and porous enough. Most french drains needs attention between 15-20 years in order to see if it is working correctly. Here at Drain Ratz Plumbers we know all about french drains and septic tanks. Call us if you are not sure and we can assist you with all the necessary information from your local municipality or even take your soil in for a sample test.

Factors to consider prior to installing a French Drain

1. How many people in the same area have had french drains installed?

2. How many people in the area has had french drains fail?

3. What type of soil is my farm land on? Is the soil constituency, clay, ouklip or is it sandy soil?

4. Is there a borehole on the premises? Most often times one has to choose between water and sewerage disposal?

5. How close to the border will the french drain be installed and how far apart is the neighbours borehole to your new french drain? – There are municipal guidelines in place regulating the excavation of french drains and septic tanks and boreholes.

6.  Is there a current french drain installed on the premises and why is it discontinued.

Basically – what we are saying is that you must first make 100% sure that your investment is a sound investment before considering the excavating of french drains only to realize that it is was a futile and money wasting effort. Drain Ratz Plumbers are experts at sewage solutions.

Septic tanks/conservancy tanks/digesters as sewage solutions

These are the common sewage disposal unit for farmlands and plots and areas where one cannot install municipal toilets.

1. Depending on the size of the family, septic tank installations are inexpensive. It is the maintenance that is very expensive should the septic tank not be coupled to french drain.

2. Septic tanks desludging/cleaning can range anything from R1800 to R2000 for a 1200l septic tank and this must be done on a regular basis as and when the tank gets fully saturated with product. This can become a necessary expensive essential service. Drain Ratz Plumbers are professional installers of french drains and septic tanks as well as septic cleaners/desludging.

Here at Drain Ratz Plumbers we usually give the client options. Options to first test the soil and do the research before commencing any project especially relating to sewerage. Options to decide whether they would like a septic tank only or if they would prefer a french drain coupled to the septic tank.

Areas Drain Ratz Plumbing Services In Pretoria

  • Akasia
  • Annlin
  • Arcadia
  • Claremont
  • Danville
  • Doornpoort
  • Dorandia
  • Equestria
  • Faerie Glen
  • Florauna
  • Garsfontein
  • Gezina
  • Hatfield
  • Hazeldean
  • Kameeldrift East
  • La Montagne
  • Lombardy Estate
  • Lotus Gardens
  • Magalieskruin
  • Mahube Valley
  • Mamelodi
  • Montana
  • Montana Park
  • Montana Tuine
  • Mooikloof Ridge
  • Moreletapark
  • Mountain View
  • Olympus
  • Pretoria
  • Pretoria Central
  • Pretoria East
  • Pretoria North
  • Pretoria West
  • Rietfontein
  • Rietvalleirand
  • Silver Lakes Golf Estate
  • Silverton
  • Sinoville
  • Six Fountains Residential Estate
  • Soshanguve
  • Sunnyside
  • The Hills Game Reserve Estate
  • The Orchards
  • The Wilds
  • Wapadrand
  • Waterkloof
  • Waterkloof Ridge
  • Wonderboom
  • Wonderboom South
  • Zwavelpoort

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