Terms and Conditions


Drain Ratz Terms & Conditions

Service Guarantee:

Important: a. Clients have 10 days to Settle Invoices to the Approved Contractors by the Drain Ratz Group, unless otherwise arranged with office.  Within these 10 days any leaks on geysers must be reported immediately. Any other damages arising from leaks that are not reported will immediately become the responsibility of the client.

b. Should a client sign off a job card as “happy”  Drain Ratz will then be of the understanding that the workmanship was done according to client specifications.

c. No jobs “out of warranty (guarantee)” will be serviced by Drain Ratz. The warranty period is there to ensure complete job satisfaction.

1. Workmanship (3 Months)  on repairs work besides leaks and (6 Months) on new installations. It is difficult to guarantee leaks as soldering and tension in pipes can affect even the best of repairs.

2. Drain Ratz does not carry manufacturer warranties for material. All  materials used as per manufacturers guarantee. Should there be a concern with materials,  Drain Ratz will intervene on behalf of the client to the manufacturers. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to replace or repair the materials purchased.

2.The guarantee commences upon installation due date of plumbing or building repairs.

3. Drains: Guarantee for blockages (14 days).  After 14 days Drain Ratz will honor the warranty  for free. Should the drain get blocked again, other avenues of repair should be investigated.

4. Drain Ratz is also not responsible for drains that cannot get unblocked due to poor plumbing like, no i.e’s, no access bends etc. The client will be charged for the full payment for the services rendered.

5. Septic tanks – please refer to No.3.

6. Unblocking of septic tanks that are connected to french drains may get blocked again if the french drain is not working properly. Drain Ratz is not liable for french drains that are full. A new french drain must be installed. Drain Ratz can supply client with a quote for a replacement or an alternative sewerage solution.

Terms & Conditions (Work Related Policy)

Drain Ratz is not responsible for: 

1. Any patching, repairs, installation or removal of non-plumbing and non building items or activities including but not limited to:ceilings, fences, ceilings, electrical wiring & fixtures, paintings, tile floors & walls, plastering & all other wall coverings, carpentry, mill work, glass, concrete, paving asphalt, driveways, patios, ponds, slabs, sidewalks, walls, decoration, cabinets, stonework, extension walls, steel & other framework, floor, carpeting, floor surfaces & preparations, flashing, roofing, sheet metal or plastic gutters, down pipes or bricks.

2. Damaged caused to the customer’s property as a result of gaining access to & exposing plumbing & drainage systems or building fixtures.

3. Damage caused to customer’s plumbing/building fixtures by sewer & drain cleaning equipment due to pre-existing defects in plumbing system.

Payment criteria Policy:
1. Additional plumbing or building work beyond that specifically mentioned on the invoice including, but not limited to that which may be required because of pre-existing plumbing regulations or additional work revealed to be necessary as a result of performing the specific work, shall be an extra charge. This is payable immediately upon invoicing.
2. Customer accepts full responsibility for the prompt settlement of the invoice. In the event that a tenant is acting on behalf of the homeowner and the invoice does not get settled, the tenant will be held liable for the payment.
3. All plumbing material remains the property of Drain Ratz until paid in full. Drain Ratz will remove any plumbing/building fixtures and the client will not be liable for a refund for any moneys already paid.  The contractual price agreed upon whether verbally or by written quote is binding.
4. The customer authorizes Drain Ratz to do credit checks before commencing any work should Drain Ratz deem necessary.
5. The invoice shall not be altered or modified unless by mutual consent of both parties in writing.
6. All queries regarding the amount payable under the  invoice must be referred to Drain Ratz within 48 hrs. After 48 hours the amount invoiced will become the amount due.
7. In the event that the account is not settled & should Drain Ratz have to commence with legal action, the customer will be liable for attorney & own client legal costs.

The customer chooses the above mentioned address as Domicilium Citandi E’t Executandi.

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